Friday, August 11, 2006

Nocturnus- Ahead of their time?

Question: Do you feel the reason why Nocturnus didnt do well when they were around is because they were too far ahead of their time? i mean bands like children on bodom and norther have succeded with a similer sound From:

Answer: Yeah i know what you mean- looking back, Nocturnus were quite a remarkable band, people loved em or hated them, for playing an intricate take on Florida death metal but with subtle use of keyboards and in Mike Davis they had, according to Trey Azagthoth, the very best technical lead guitarist in Florida at the time- that's quite some recommendation huh?To be honest the only thing they lacked was a decent rhythm section as drummer and vocalist Mike Browning was'nt that skilled at drumming( he was out of time a lot), and it was kinda off putting from a fans eye view to see the vocals coming from behind a massive drum kit on stage.Plus, at the time, Death metal fans were not opne minded to anything different or challenging, at the time heaviness and speed was all that mattered, and Nocturnus just did not trade on those factors.

All in all, Futuristic Sci fi metal is the term i'd use to describe their output in the early 90's and its true, newer bands like Children of Bodom are kinda vaguely similar in sound, but the ability of the players in COB is 10x more advanced than Nocturnus' abilities were.

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