Tuesday, August 22, 2006

No Electronic Artists on Earache anymore?

Question: Is there are reason why earache isnt as heavily involved in extreme electronica based music anymore, is it a move by the label or is it simply because you cant find the artists to replace the ones that you used to have. I mean you used to have ultraviolence and scorn ( who aphex twin once said was an influence on him). From:

Answer:Earache is basically an 'Extreme Music' label, and you are right- it has been deliberately moving away from Electronic music for a while now, as the genre simply does'nt interest me (with one exception) anymore, so its doubtful any more acts will be signed in that style again.Aussie mutant grind/industrial death metal merchants The Berzerker do still continue to record for Earache,tho the blaring death metal guitars do mask their electronica roots somewhat.
Out of about 350 titles in the Earache catalog, there were maybe 20 releases max from around the mid to late 90's which can be classed as Extreme Electronica- wether it be the Industrial Strength Brooklyn Gabber of DOA or DELTA 9,the slamming UK hardcore techno of ULTRAVIOLENCE, the Gloomy Punk-Phunk of SIGNS OV CHAOS,Raw Jungle/Drum n Bass of GENERATED X'Ed/ADRENALIN JUNKIES or the Bass-driven Ambient Dub in the case of SCORN(who i had no idea was credited as influencing Aphex Twin,thats so cool!)- these signings came about thru my newly found fascination with DJ culture and an appreciation of the 'art' of Electronic producers like Liam Howlett ( The Prodigy) who in particular was a fave band of mine for a decade.I'd like to think all Earache's electronic acts were extreme in their own way, and, naturally, ahead of the curve.

The label received a fair share of flack from its predominately Metal fanbase for daring to be dabbling in such electronic music, which even now, 10 years after some of the releases came out, has been a tag its been hard to shake off.Oh well.

The only Electronic producer/DJ who has impressed me in recent years is Scott Brown(pictured),(Hear Sample 1, Sample 2,Sample 3) - who is singlehandedly pioneering a Nu-style of gabber and deserves massive success for that. Earlier this year Scott was kind enough to make a slamming remix of our Brighton-based politico-electronic rock band Ewigkeit, which made it onto the famous Hardcore techno comp series Bonkers 16.

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