Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Deicide- 9 or 10 track CD?

Question: I bought the collectors box of the new deicide Cd mine has 9 tracks but my mates has 10. A cover version of Black Night. I was wondering should the one I bought have 10 tracks. It makes no odds as the album is amazing without the extra track anyway. I just taught I would ask the question. From: eamonnx.bunn@intel.

Answer: There are 2 different DEICIDE box sets on sale - one super limited includes the extra track, imported from USA- which contains a 10 track cd in a box with ROUND sticker, limited to 4000 copies, already almost sold out, but available from specialist Metal Indie stores and metal mailorders. The other box contains a mere 9 track cd in a box with square sticker, which is widely available in shops across Europe. See the formats pictured HERE

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