Monday, August 14, 2006

Justin Broadrick to join NIN?

Question: I was reading a biography about nine inch nails and it said that trent
asked justin broadrick to join the band in the mid 90s, I know justin is one of
trents main musical influences however, was him joining NIN somthing that was taken
seriously or was it somthing that was just mentioned as i presume that if he was
taking it seriously justin would have disscused it with the label that he was signed
to. From:

Answer: I don't remember this one! For a while in the early-mid 90's Justin WAS in demand as a guitarist, and he was approached i think to join Faith No More and also Danzig's band, maybe even Prong at some stage.From what i remember, Justin always took these offers with a pinch of salt, because Godflesh was doing OK and was on the up at the time, and i think he had absolutely no intention of relocating to USA to join these much bigger bands, I think he much preferred to write and record his own songs and be in control of his own destiny.For the record, Earache never had much input into Justin's decisions, tho naturally we were pleased he kept Godflesh going rather than join up with other much bigger bands.

Since Godflesh's demise, I dunno what would happen if they asked him now.

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Anonymous said...

He would jump at the chance I would think..NIN they have become huge but Godflesh did do some great work in their early days..
both bands became a bit dodgy in their later years NIN AND Godflesh!