Monday, November 24, 2008

Fake Earache A&R guys?

Question: Hi!Jus ot a call from someone who said he was from your company interested in my band the wake here in dublin now i dont know what as p with it if it was a scam or not and i cant remeber the email contact he gave me but one part was \"the george...\"i would be greatful if you could get back to me and put me back in touch with the person if it is lagitimate.Thankss! From:

Answer: It's not legitimate dude, and i'm afraid the person approaching you is a scammer of some kind.Earache does approach bands out-of-the-blue but via a myspace message from our or direct email from an email addy ending, thats how you can tell its legit.We have no "George" working here, never have.
We are hearing about a few folks now, who are approaching bands pretending to be from Earache, and they usually promise to help the band get a deal, because most new bands are seemingly desperate to get signed, it sounds like they are being helpful- cept one problem, they dont have any contact with Earache..the yarn they spin is a complete lie, and we think it stinks.
In the past we have heard of Earache bands tour managers or merch sellers talking to bands about signing- because they travel around a lot, they meet a ton of hopeful bands face to face, and often collect the demo CDs on the road- again these guys are not Earache A&R guys, their connection is simply they are working for an Earache band on the road, nothing more.

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