Saturday, November 29, 2008

Toxic Holocaust & Earache?- err nah.

Question: How come earache didnt sign toxic holocaust in the end? I know it seems a silly question but from the outside it looked like it was going to happen being as he was like municipal waste\'s running buddy for ages. was it because of line up problems etc etc. Was this simply a case of people assuming because of who was friends with whom. From:

Answer: Y'know I never made any approaches to Toxic Holocaust (apart from our comp- Joel kindly agreed one song on our Thrashing Like A Maniac comp) cos back in 2006 or so, the Toxic Holocaust line up was pretty unstable and also the songs seemed just too basic generic punky-thrash for our tastes.I also got the impression Joel preferred other labels to Earache, our outlooks differ a lot, and we're just not on his wavelength somehow.The band ended up on Relapse which is a great home for them. I do admire Joels long-term dedication to the cause and immense appetite for touring tho.Being incredibly picky as usual about bands for the label, I would say I like a bit more metallic meat on my thrash really, simple D-beat punky thrash doesnt float my boat much, probably because I am an old bastard who can recall the original bands -Discharge, Venom, Sacrilege- from the 80's, its almost too nostalgic for me.
Recently however Joel recruited the ex-members of the finest Canadian proto-thrash band ever- the mighty and much missed RAMMER. If you don't know RAMMER, Earache loved them from afar for years,but again, never made an official offer.Get a taste of this incredible band with "Uprising Of Death":

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