Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Worldwide Metal 5CD+Game mega-value box

Question: Hi Dig (and the rest of ya), I\'m loving the new compilation boxsets that you guys have been releasing (can\'t wait for Worldwide Metal next week), and I was just wondering who in the office gets to compile them? Also, I was wondering if there were any plans on releasing a compilation album with nothing but exclusive tracks from your current signed bands? That would be something us die-hard Earache fans could really get our teeth into! Cheers, Mark. From: mumblinorange@hotmail.com

Answer: Thanks Mark, glad you like the boxsets, they are undeniably top value eh?I buy similar boxsets myself all the time-like 7CD PUNK on Cherry Red- simply because its easy to feed my ipod with 100 tracks of punk, easier than downloading anyways
The concept for this one came from me, I think sublimally I was influenced by the Olympic Games coverage over the summer!Or the Global Metal film?
The actual sequence was chosen by Dan Tobin the label manager. This one does have unreleased demo tracks by Oceano, The Boy Will Drown and Ignominious Incarceration, you gotta buy it just to hear Oceano on Cd for the first time, they are redefining the term HEAVY dude.
Wherever you look it seems that compilations are given away FREE everywhere- they are attached to every music magazine in WH Smiths, and in Metal Hammer mag sometimes 2 or 3 discs fall out with the mag every month- for this reason we had to really try hard to cram in the content to compete.
Plus the full game Earache Extreme Metal Racing is included - this is currently on sale for £19.99 as PS2, its included for free as a PC game in the box.

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