Wednesday, November 19, 2008

No Hardcore bands on Earache? Cept SSS?

Question: Is there any reason why earache has avoided the hardcore revival that seems to have sprung up as of late? bands like gallows, the bronx, fucked up, the horror, ghost of a thousand etc seem to be getting loads of media attention(on different levels obviously) and selling records. Im just wondering is earache avoiding the scene because you were a hardcore label to begin with or you just aint found the right band? the closest you have to the scene is SSS who have supported both gallows and fucked up but im wondering why earache havent got their own band of this style. From:

Answer: Sorry dude I have to disagree with you on that one, I beleive you have answered the question, in your question.SSS is a Liverpool-based hardcore crossover-skate-punk band who have played tours with Gallows and Fucked up and are on Earache.SSS is that band you think we dont have! In fact I don't see how you can call them anything other than hardcore, when compared to say the NME cover stars Fucked Up or the Warners label signed Gallows.By comparison, SSS are 1000% for real, true to the roots, lovin' the old school DIY/Indie style HC mate,albeit with a thrashy/skate edge.Beleive me, I know.. I've checked their record collections.

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