Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Musicians we wanna work with?

Question: Youve said before that you would liked to have worked before with chuck from death. My question is which other artist or artists would you have liked to have worked with but missed out on? I know you narrowly missed mike patton twice both with naked city and dillinger escape plan. From:

Answer: Earache likes to work with creative, innovative musicians, ideally big selling ones aswell..but strangely, the 2 do not always mix.Over the years we have worked with many many of the best, most credible extreme metal musicians- and i've often said on this blog that Chuck Schuldiner of Death is pretty much the one person we badly regret missing out on working with, simply because the chances never came up, and after his passing, the legendary status of Chuck is unsurpassable in extreme metal.
Nowadays its not like we are kicking ourselves for not working with anyone at all- we're pretty relaxed about it- mainly because artists these days are no longer tied into lengthy recording contracts, the musicians seem to move around from label to label a lot more than they did even in the recent past, so it seems quite likely that Earache could end up working with anyone- even Mike Patton- at some stage.I personaly wouldn't mind working with Serj from System of a Down and Dino ex Fear Factory- both are good friends of the label and it could easily happen sometime in the future that one or both record stuff for Earache.Time will tell.

Heres a clip of DEATH doing PULL THE PLUG in 1988, the other musicians in the line up- Rick, Bill and Terry formed Massacre who did an album "From Beyond" on Earache.

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