Sunday, February 19, 2006


Question: Whats going on with Ewigkeit ? Conspiritus was pure genius, and I\'m surprised I havent seen more press for the album. Will there be more albums on earache in the future ? From: UNknown.

Answer: Yeah- you're right- Conspiritus IS genius! It made my personal album of 2005 list, and Radio Ixtlan was my album of 2004 before that.I suppose i'm biased- cos I actually signed them to the label.
Press has been a bit scarce, i'll admit- its been quite favourable with online sites- many declaring the album a fantastic peice of work and also one of the albums of the year 2005.Metal Hammer mag in the UK did cover the band with a feature which we were pleased about, but thats about it.We are very used to this situation at Earache- we have countless examples of bands signed who received very little attention in the press at the time but who - years later- became revered and worshipped, in hindsight. Ewigkeit is set to be one of those, I feel.

Napalm Death in their heyday had little press( outside John Peel support)- same for At The Gates in mid 90's- Iron Monkey springs to mind also, even Dub War & Pitchshifter- all were breaking new ground in extreme music but had no supporters in the UK music mags at the time we were doing their first couple of albums.Years later of course, all those bands are considered legendary, but i swear, at the time we were actively promoting them, we would be calling up the mags to cover them - to a frosty if not downright hostile response- its not the press' job to promote new bands they'd say.Usually they only cover bands that are already big and popular and are the ones who buy advertising space.Back then, there was only about 4-5 mags covering heavier stuff anyways in the 90's,and it was pre internet, so if they were'nt interested that was it.

Nowadays there are plenty of media, even dedicated TV stations, supporting heavier bands- its trendy, even - but Ewigkeit are suffering badly thru no live gigs for the press to latch onto.Its the easiest way to reach out and win over fans cos the live circuit is exploding, but Ewigkeit are sadly not part of it.

James has to put a fully functioning live gigging outfit together to progress, which we keep telling him. So - keep ypur eye on for tour dates.If not- look out for Ewigkeit features in the press, i would say, around about 2013.


ewigkeitfan said...

What you say is understandable but who is going to turn up to the shows if nobody knows about the music?

Anonymous said...

Ewigkeit could support many varied bands- from Industrial to gothic metally stuff. Doubtful it would work with extreme death metal bands tho.

Ewigkeit even has a respected UK touring agent who loves the banda and would love to book them shows.!

headline shows would be a bit wierd now tho, i admit..

Anonymous said...

Assuming Ewigkeit's playlist for a live show would be from the last two albums it would be crazy to have them on the bill with metal acts?