Thursday, May 25, 2006

Berzerker=Generated X-ed? Err- no!

Question: Two The Berzerker questions for you, first of all I\'ve seen for sale by a couple of US eBayers a copy of a The Berzerker album called \'Protest and Survive\' apparently released on \'EARACHE RECORDS/CAROLINE\' on \'4/11/2000\' featuring tracks called \'Industrial Is Dead\' and \'LSD Recharge\' amongst others - is this release genuine?
Also, I\'ve heard the brilliant remixes of Morbid Angel\'s \'Day of Suffering\' and \'Abominations\', where can I get a copy \'The Ancient Ones\'?
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Answer: nah mate- you are getting bands mixed up..the album you are referring to is by Berlin based Generated X-ed, not berzerker.It is a genuine Earache release sounds like extreme drum n bass, the main man from Generated X-ed was part of the Digital Hardcore scene from late 90's in berlin and I liked his stuff enough to release it.Its an undiscovered gem and will blow your mind i think, if you like harsh electronmic music, a bit like Berzerker but less guitars.You can hear it and download it at As for the track "the Ancient Ones' by Morbid Angel remixed by the Berzerker, its unreleased i'm afraid. It was done at the same time as the other tracks for our Hellspawn comp- Extreme metal meets extreme techno, but did not get released. (pictured is Generated X-ed main man- Tha Bomb)

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