Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Most influential HC band to early earache era?

Question: Who was the most important hardcore band to the Early Earache era ? Seige? Septic Death or Larm? where can i get their cds? From:

Answer: That might be Discharge or D.R.I mate- and Venom in the early 80's.I can say they all influenced me to release everything that came afterwards on the Earache label....Dirty Rotten Imbeciles' first 'Dirty Rotten' 7 Inch in 1982 was mindblowingly super speedy hardcore, with 22-count em- tracks on it- it set the standard for extremely short, fast hard hitting songs.Not forgetting the Swedish HC bands Mob 47 & their offshoot band Protes Bengt who set the benchmark too, for sheer number of songs on a 7 inch- it was maybe 32+, i cant recall.Incredible stuff.Septic Death was lead by Pushead who was a notable USA scenester who loved his fast music and helped me/Earache enormously in the early years with amazing support.In later years he would design T-Shirts for Metallica. Other mid 80's UK notables who lead the way for music to descend into the utter chaotic noise we all love, have got to be Disorder and Chaos UK.Not forgettting Deep Wound and The Neos.

Napalm Death's whirlwind drummer Mick Harris would wear a homemade cap with Boston's SEIGE on it and a home made T-shirt with Holland's LARM. Major influences both.Those bands' early demo tapes reached the Earache crew and undoubtedly influenced Napalm Death and Heresy etc to go even more berserk and mental writing ever faster/shorter songs..Grindcore as demonstrated on the A-side of Scum is basically a mix of Seige-type blast beat and Celtic Frost slow riff, in one song.Other notable speedy bands were Kansan Uutiset and Bostons Impact Unit(featuring later Mighty Mighty Bosstones singer Dicky Barrett and Negative FX (featuring Choke from later band Slapshot). Good luck finding them, most of the original vinyls are long sold out but Cd comps are available i think.

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