Sunday, May 07, 2006

Deicide- The Stench Of Redemption tracklist.

 Question: Hey, do you know when the art/song titles/mp3 will be revealed for Stench of Redemption? from: Aaron
The Stench Of Redemption
Death To Jesus
Homage For Satan
Never To Be Seen Again
The Lord's Sedition
Walk With The Devil In Dreams You Behold
Crucified For The Innocence
Not Of This Earth

+ Bonus Track -Black Night    (Deep Purple cover)


Anonymous said...

Is that the actual cover or a censored one? seems kind of tame.

Digby said...

thats the retail cover- its lame yes, cos retail stores IN USA and Germany especially do not carry Cds with shocking images. Also the band love it. We are actualy planning an alternative very blasphemous CD cover available to fans by download only on 6.6.06.

Anonymous said...

Maybe do a Limited Edition/internet only version/ digipack with it? Im going to have to get it online since stores here suck.

Anonymous said...

An album cover for Deicide does not have to be extreme. Look at the Legion cover, it's fantastic. Its one of my favorite album covers next to Entombed Clandestine.