Monday, May 22, 2006

Deicide cancel entire European 2006 Summer festival dates

Question: And Deicide did it again... whole Eurotour cancelled, without good reason. yieehaa!!!!

What`s going on? Where is some official news with reasons behind this never ending farce? How on earth Earache keeps tolerating this kind of behaviour? From:

Answer: Earache has no say in or control over the live performances of Deicide- we do their retail CD's + DVDs, not live shows.Earache do the bands recordings basically, and thats the extent of our involvement.I know Deicide recently split from their long time European agent (Metalysee), also splitting from their long time USA agent (First Row talent) at the same time, in order to be represented exclusively for the world by Tammy Taylor booking out of Austin Tx.This is the actual reason why the remaining European festival dates- totalling 3 gigs- Graspop/Full Force/Waldrock etc - are cancelled.Don't forget that the bands appearance at France Hellfest was cancelled by the promotor,not them,after the organisers got nervous about the band playing so soon after a spate of Deicide-inspired satanistic grave desecrations in the area.The new Cd is running late too- its just been recorded and mastered at the weekend- so is expected to land instores in Uk/Europe now on August 21, Aug 22 in USA.The band want to wait till its out to perform the new live show set including many new songs from 'Stench'.
Deicide have no website they control themselves, and the Earache site and myspace page is the nearest to an official news source for Deicide's happenings you can get. The rest is just rumour.

Sure, these cancellations are high profile festival shows, and its tough on the European fans, but since the new members were drafted in I think they have done more far flung touring stints- including South America, Korea etc -than any other Earache act..Deicide are self-managed, so operate according to their own rules. Overall we are totally stoked that they have made an incredible album, and we 100% respect their choices in who represents them on the live circuit, and when and where they choose to play.

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Anonymous said...

Ok, thanks. This was informative enough. I knew that you`re not the one to blame, just wanted some info.

This was third cancellation in a row, so of course i`m quite disappointed. I already bought tickets to see them... happily there are some other interesting bands in that particular festival.

I`m afraid, that after this there are not so many festival promoters who are willing to book Deicide again. Majority of my friends believed that Deicide is gonna cancel the tour, and sadly they were right again.