Sunday, May 28, 2006

Deicide 1 tracks online on 6.6.6

Question: So am I correct in that I read the new Deicide cd wpnt be coming out noe tipp August?? That sucks. Looks like Earache is treating Deicide like Roadrunner did. More respect please, not only for the band , but for us fans. From:

Answer: The album & art is not even completed yet- and its what- 6 days to go to that special 'once in a 100 years' evil calendar event!!So, I'm sorry but the delays to the CD album were unavoidable i'm afraid and are mainly due to the band taking the time in the studio to perfect what is easily the BEST Deicide album ever. First, it was remixed again as the band were'nt happy with their first mixdown, and secondly the band had to take time off over Easter to complete an important West coast USA tour right in the period of the recording process, so delaying things further.Lastly, The band are also on their second photoshoot for the booklet as the first session pics were scrapped.Hence-we are now looking at August 21 in UK/Europe and August 22 in USA..tho it should more realistically be TBC.

Slayer have done exactly the same thing it seems....originally announced date of 6.6.6 pushed back to July. and a 1 track advance online at iTunes on 6.6.6 aswell..sound familiar? is their label disrespecting their fans too?

Because we felt all the hype we had generated (BBC, New York Post, Washington Post, Inside Edition TV, USA Today, the myspace website) about the originally announced date of 6.6.6 was worth at least some kind of 'release' on that unholiest of dates, the 1 downloadable track seems a kinda compromise to fans, as downloads take seconds to set up and require no artwork/packaging- fans can now get a taster in advance of the album proper, and be blown away by the quality of the songs.No release at all would have been lame.Ok maybe the band are victims of the runaway success of our hype- but fear not- IT WILL BE WORTH THE WAIT!! This one is categorically the best Deicide album ever...the proof is online on 6.6.6.

Y'know, even the most satanic and brutal of bands are powerless in the face of the unrelenting nature of the calendar.

Check out the video trailer here;


Anonymous said...

uh, werent there supposed to be 2 tracks? why do i get the feeling itll be delayed again till halloween.

Anonymous said...

technical glitch at itunes. Looks like god put a bloody great spanner in the satanic works!! itunes are working on it and 2 tracks might magically appear later in the week for download- that'll be $1.99 to you.thanks for your patience.

halloween is a real possibility for the album. but we are not committing to any notable calendar dates anymore-but look for it on Aug 21/22.