Thursday, May 18, 2006

Napalm Death's 3 inch CD?

Question: hey there, my question is related to the digipack version of NAPALM DEATH\'S \'Utopia Banished\' cd. When i initially purchased this disc it came with a limited edition \'mini\' CD with a few tracks on it. Problem is, my copy of utopia banished was stolen, and i was wondering if the tracks from the mini disc are available anywhere else. Thanks alot From:

Answer: yeah the 3 inch CD given away with the 1992 Utopia Banished album was quite a unique looking extra, and contained 4 bonus tracks. Obviously the 3 inch disc is long sold out. However those same tracks are included on our recently released 2 x cd best of set from Napalm Death called "Noise for Music's Sake" so they are available on that release.

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