Monday, May 22, 2006

Napalm Death Scum original colour LP ?

Question: was the original napalm death scum vinyl release the green one or the orange one? From:

Answer: Original release was in June 1987 on LP in 2000 copies with black n white cover + Bright Yellowy Green. See here. A sticker (black text on white) was also affixed.Later editions followed in years 88- 90 or so..with Orange being next to be pressed and later Green, also Blue later.A Gold colour edition was pressed for the supposed splatter-color vinyl edition.Interestingly, no picture disc edition has even been issued.Maybe we'll rectify this when we release the expanded remastered 20th anniversary Scum release soon.


Anonymous said...

I have the version with the golden cover on black vinyl. I bought this way before the splatter vinyls came out

Anonymous said...

i have a purple copy..what is with this one?

Anonymous said...

Hi Ben whats up could you post a photo of this LP that would be great or contact me on

Robi_Wan said...

I just bought the version with the golden cover and white vinyl!!!
Does anybody have a pressiong info about that one?

Anonymous said...

Can anyone please run down the pressings of the cassette cover colors of Scum also? I used to have a pink color cover for the Scum cassette which pressing of the cassette was the pink cover???


Anonymous said...

I have a copy of black vinyl with blue cover. What's this press. Discogs did not helped me understand.
Please answer me at