Monday, September 11, 2006

A Broken Machine.

Question: hello, i am a vocalist in a band from st.pete FL usa called a broken machine and my question is how does one go about becomming a signed band. every one has there theories but we are still just local bands so figured i would go strait to the sorce. you can check out my band at tell me what you think of the music if you think its cool or shit just your own personal thoughts thank you
thank you for your time.
phil a broken machine From:

Answer: Sure phil- I've signed a ton of bands from Florida- in the 80's-90's admittedly, so its cool to check out a new one from St Pete-A Broken Machine. You were right to send me the link to your myspace page- its the hands down BEST online way to cultivate a fanbase and so, get a career going.I see you have 9000 profile views, thats about typical for up n coming bands like yourselves..however, labels like us get really excited to see 100,000+ profile views, so you have 91,000 more to go.

The production is decent- so well done on that..As for the music- i didnt like the begining to Wishlist and Murder Hymns was just an instrumental (i see what you mean by the progressive tag now) but labels like us make judgements in literally the first 10 seconds of a song about how competant the band is, in terms of the tightness of the players- i'd give ya 6 outta 10 on that score- 'Running Out OF time', is in parts not out of time exactly, but doesnt groove in time to my ears...the drummer and bass/guitars need to lock in more tightly to catch and create that power that is the essence of metallic playing.Simple solution is-Rehearse more, together in the same room.

Of all the songs- the opening part of Prosthetic was my fave- it was an ear-catching riff- you need snappy, catchy riffs right away to get the ears of fans and A&r's alike.Its your best song imho.

I thought with mentioning Killswitch as an influence,that maybe there would be some melodic vocals, but none materialised so i was kinda bummed on that one-maybe try some melodic chorus passages?

One last tip- never pose for band pictures as individuals.You are a proper band right? so act like one- always pose for pics together, as a gang, a band, never alone.

well- hope that gives ya some pointers for the future..

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