Thursday, September 14, 2006

Internships @ Earache?

Question: I saw your posting about Earache internships and I\'m really interested in trying out for one. The only question I have is what experienced is needed for the internships there?

I know I have a big knowledge on extreme music and music is my passion. I used to promote bands for a club, about to join my radio at my college and am willing to learn anything new.

I\'m just wondering what skills are really needed or if there are any required things to have before applying. Thanks. From:

Answer: The Indie music scene would collapse without the help of Interns, or unpaid work experience as we call it in UK.Earache, like most labels, could always use the extra help, plus its hands down the best and most fool-proof way to get a job in the industry.Currently the UK assistant label manager and USA Sales manager both started off here as interns, doing long stints as unpaid helpers- eventually becoming full time paid employees, because they were outstanding in the workplace.You don't need any particular skill set-a knowledge of, and a passion for the music we do, err THAT is a given, as is Internet/Pc/Mac/ (+Hoover/Xerox ha ha !!) related experience, as more and more record label activities take place online.Being hard working, punctual,a team player,personable- that is the main thing we look for.Working at a label at Intern level is often unglamorous- mostly shifting boxes of CDs or T-shirts, or doing the postroom stuff, but if you show a willingness to do even menial jobs brilliantly, with a passion and in an organised fashion- then other more creative aspects of the industry can follow.The pay off is in being involved in breaking new acts and knowing your efforts are helping build Earache's ever growing reputation for putting Extreme music on the map,by actually becoming part of its folklore.
Budding entrepreneurs need not apply however, we are not a training ground for your own HC label.

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