Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Napalm Death 'scum" vinyl editions- full story.

Question: OK, once again a question. Please which cover colors and vinyl color were released from the MAIN GRINDCORE LP \"SCUM\" from Napalm Death? I saw that you posted another question from a ND fan ( nazi punks..)and the picture with ALL releases would help me to see what I have to collecT Because I WANT IT ALL!!! Btw I HAVE ALL ND releases from the nazi Punks 7\". I would built the biggest ND Vinyl collection anybody has seen. SO PLEASE ANSWER ASAP. thanks markus From:

Answer: hi Markus- theres not THAT many versions of this grindcore classic on vinyl.Most are 12 inch black vinyl - but with different sleeve colors-pictured and listed HERE
The first edition original pressing is pictured above in front- lime green 2000 copies, with front sticker black writing on white sticker.Next pressing blue sleeve, next orange, next yellow..all black vinyl,with no bar code!We also later made a splatter vinyl edition (mostly white vinyl actually, with gold sleeve, 2000 copies. And that was it- 1987-1990.
Vinyl remained out of print from earache until 2002, where we made 700 red vinyl, 300 green vinyl in USA and 1000 reprinted on 220gm black vinyl, all with a more yellowy sleeve color(pictured above behind), plus bar code.No picture disc has ever been made, or any weird LP sizes.

good luck collecting them all!


Anonymous said...

Just want to confirm that for the 2002 vinyl reissues it was 700 red and 300 on green. Most other mentions of them online states the opposite,700 on green and 300 on red.

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