Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Carcass- Reek special edition Sept 22

Question: Hey, I got the two Carcass Dual Discs so far, and was just wondering when the (I assume) three others will be up for sale? From: rf@kohn.dk

Answer: Glad you are collecting them all- there is a extra suprise if you complete the set, and buy all 5.Right now we have re-issued 3 so far, Swansong came out recently with bonus track (featuring Colin Richardson on vocals) and colour sticker pack inside.
The next installment is their debut album, Reek of Putrefaction, the beyond brutal downtuned gore-fest that started it all.The re-issue comes with the bands first demo, and extra fold out page after page of real-life gore scenes, its actual images made for the album in 1987 that were unused at the time of the debut- honestly, its so sick it comes in a sealed Specimen bag.There have been many bands since Carcass who have banned artwork or sick and brutal cover art- you can be confident that this raises the bar for what is acceptable, and deletes all imposters.This release is hands down THE MOST ridiculously over the top that Earache has ever put its name to, we are expecting trouble.

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Anonymous said...

I just got the Swansong one, already have the Necroticism one, & haven't found the Heartwork one yet (i'll probably just order it from you guys). My SWANSONG reissue has the dvd part 5, but NO stickers. I'm pretty bummed to say the least. Being as Carcass is my all-time favorite band.

What is the special gift or whatever for buying all 5???

& do you have to buy all 5 here online to recieve it?