Monday, September 01, 2008

Morbid Angel box set 7inch

Question: Hello. A couple of years ago a former friend of mine (Per Thunell, Filthy christians, MOSH 17) sold me some raritys of the greatest band in the history of deathmetal, Morbid angel, that he got from them on tour back in the days. That includes: a signed vinyl copy of the classic line-up of \"Altars of madness\", The picturedisc of \"Altars...\" as well, the 666ex limited vinyl single (7\") edition \"thy kingdom come\", the 1000ex limited vinyl edition of \"Abomination of desolation\" + the picturedisc as well. I also have a 6 vinyl singles (7\") box in leather that i have heard contains the \"Blessed are the sick\" album. So my question to you is this... since my is sealed and will not be opened for a long time.: Did you released or distributed that leather box of \"Blessed are the sick\"??

I hope that you could answer my question :)
best regards, Daemon//Sweden From:

Answer: yes its an official Earache release of the Blessed Are The Sick album, on 5 x 7inches in a leather box. see the description here, its incredibly rare. The thy kingdom come 7inch you mention tho is a bootleg (a rare early one as it happens)

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Simon Sins said...

Is the Morbid Angel box set still obtainable?