Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What about the Southern Sludge Metal scene?

Question: Has earache taken any interest in the atlanta, athens, savannah georgia scene at all being as it appears next to the new wave of thrash this appears to be the other metal scene of the last few years mastodon, baroness, kylsea , harvey milk etc strangely the entire scene reminds me of grunge not so much sonically but the same \"throw all the influenes into the pot make it sound dirty, fuck what we look like\" attitude. it also appears that this is another scene that although not being involved directly at the moment earache appears to have influenced as those bands have been quoting the likes of sleep and heresy ( big hardcore/uk crust punk influence on that scene) as influences. From:

Answer: You are right- there sure has been something sludgy and metal brewing in them southern swamplands for quite a while, we have watched it grow from afar but had no official contact with any of the bands you mention.I dunno if "the scene" was even bestowed with a name as such, but your use of the word Grunge is kinda appropriate I reckon.You should work at a label dude or be a writer, because I think you sum them up perfectly.Mastodon are undoubtedly the daddies of that sound and style, we love them here at the Earache office, and their Remission CD was a staff fave album of the year for 2002.Some staffers love Baroness aswell, and Harvey Milk- all great bands.Black Tusk are cool too.
As for Earache's interest as far as signing goes- thats where we go cold..also we were pretty late to this particular Sludge metal party, Relapse and Prosthetic got their years ahead of us, but our lack of interest also stems from the fact the music is partly reminiscent of our past 90's glories, so it is not exactly mega exciting.they are nothing like SLEEP I feel, apart from maybe influenced as you say, but I must admit never having spoken much to any of those bands.Its cool as hell they are into HERESY or any of the old punk/Hc bands though, thats pretty great in my book.Fair play to em.

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