Friday, September 26, 2008

Earache's best and worst all-time sellers?

Question: Hello, I am starting a project at College about Metal labels, what are Earache\'s biggest selling and lowest selling albums of all time. thank You,
from Neil. From:

Answer: Earache has been lucky that for over 20 years our fans have been pretty loyal to the labels output...nearly everything we release has sold a respectable steady amount but the biggest sellers are legendary albums like:
Blessed Are The Sick by Morbid Angel
Scum by Napalm Death
Heartwork by Carcass
Slaughter Of The Soul by At The Gates.

Earache's early 90's catalog is pretty much a whos-who of Extreme music hall-of-famers, and anyone getting into the heavier end of metal naturally needs to pick up a fair few of our Classic releases.
On the flipside we also have had a some extremely poor sellers, luckily very few though! This mostly occurs when we diversify too much from the core Death Metal/Grind/Thrash/HC sounds we have a reputation for delivering, sometimes the bands never toured which is always fatal, or in some cases the bands music just never 'caught on' and the breaks never went their way.
Some of the worst sellers of the early period were:
OLD- Lo Flux Tube
Mighty Force - Dive - see rare clip below from 1989:

more recently;
Rakoth- Tiny Deaths (you can listen to a Track from Rakoth's Planeshift debut below)

Shortie - Without A Promise (see song from album "Truth" below)

Ewigkeit - Conspiritus (see song It's Not Reality below)


Anonymous said...

> Some of the worst sellers of the
> early period were:
> OLD- Lo Flux Tube

but that's a great album :o

THORmonger said...

Heh... I still have a copy of the Mighty Force "Dive" CD in my collection. I used to have that OLD CD, but I didn't care for it; "Hold On To Your Face" was a lot more fun.

Industrialisis said...

I think Lo Flux Tube were an album too Avantgarde to i'ts period.
Most of the bands were into a death metal "formula" and it was great. but Lo Flux Tube were too Experimental to that time. i Like it very much. I'm a big fan of OLD.

Look at the Industrial Scene today.
Is an album with a great personality.
Nothing sounds like it. and is still Old Lady Drivers.

It's one of my favorite Earache Albums. And i Got almost the entire Catalog buying their stuff since '89....

In fact if someone got a copy of The OLD Formula Album and The Musical Dimensions of Sleastak I'm interested in get it....