Monday, August 18, 2008

Typos on Earache releases?

Question: I bought a tape a few years ago by Brutal Truth called Perpetual Conversion.I guess it was when Brutal truth was on earache, anyways, I was looking at the tape and the spelling was wrong ,it reads Brutal tuRth instead of the traditional spelling. I was wondering if this is a rare tape, limited edition or just simply a bootleg(with an earache label mark on the tape and sleeve)...Any information would be appreciated thanks. From:

Answer:Over the years Earache has put out over 350+ titles, and quite an alarming number of them have a typo mistake somewhere on the much so that its almost our trademark.In fact some of our friends say as a back-handed compliment:"it wouldn't be an Earache release without a spelling mistake somewhere!" So what you have is most certainly an original, lets face it,even a bootlegger would not dare to get the name of the band wrong.
The reasons for the string of spelling mistakes, typos and general bad layout is because we often are under the gun and rushed for time to make release dates, and many times the artists themselves deliver the artwork, which we fail to check or correct.Decapitated sent us the same song lyrics twice which got printed on Organic hallucinosis CD.Also it seems the layout guys Earache uses are almost universally dsylexic (see what i mean?)
Even this year the Carcass Necroticism re-issue CD/DVD came with not one but 2 different typos..the USA edition had INSALUBIOUS the UK had INSALBRIOUS instead of INSALUBRIOUS.See pic with 2 editions in my hand..These kinds of howlers indentify Earaches original printings and are often corrected in the next print run- so they unwittingly can be used to trace original printings.
So what you have is an original tape from 1992 or so.

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