Sunday, August 31, 2008

Iron Monkey Cds- out of stock?

Question: How can I get Iron Monkey album!!! From:

Answer:The albums aren't in print, and have not been manufactured for many years, because they were never a big seller, especially in USA where they are quite unknown.Here in the Uk the band had a bit of notoriety during the course of 2 albums in late 90's but again they never broke out of the underground, where, being a trailblazing live act,and one of the heaviest bands to ever walk on a stage, they were quite revered by those-in-the-know.The band split in 1999, and formed various offshoot acts, but tragically the Iron Monkey mainman Johnny Morrow passed away due to a kidney complaint, which he'd had from birth, in 2002.
Iron Monkey are legends to those who saw them -especially in our home town of Nottingham which was their base- and the popularity of Iron Monkey shirts at gigs, is making us consider a re-issue of the 2 classic albums in one package.Its about time the new younger fans who have heard about the legend that was Iron Monkey, were able to pick up the music again.

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Astral Zombie said...

So is this actually getting reissued? I saw somewhere the other day that you guys are gonna be packaging the two discs together...any truth to this rumor???